Transmit and Receive
clearly and discreetly

Audio Accessories

Our lineup of audio accessories is designed to ensure you can transmit and receive communications no matter what the circumstance: in loud workplaces, windy outdoor environments or when the need for discretion is critical.

Breeze Headset

The Breeze headset provides high-clarity, hands-free, discreet, two-way communication while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate-noise environments.

Double Muff Headset

Lightweight Headset

Communicate clearly with this Mag One headset, featuring a boom microphone and in-line push-to-talk.

Speaker Mic

The intrinsically safe Motorola Speaker Microphone features a 6 Ft. coil cord along with a swivel clip and easy to reach push-to-talk.

Surveillance Mic

The two-wire surveillance microphone allows you to hear transmissions clearly, while the clear tube provides a discreet appearance. The microphone and push-to-talk are combined on a separate wire from the earpiece and are easily accessible when hidden under a jacket.

Temple Transducer

The temple transducer headset uses a discreet, lightweight and streamlined “ear loop” that rests comfortably against the head, providing the bone-conduction technology, allowing you to either wear hearing protection in extreme-noise environments or keep your ears open to external sounds.

Choose Wisely. Choose Rhino.

We do more than rent best-in-class equipment.
We help you communicate efficiently, keep attendees safe, and deliver memorable experiences.

  • Rugged Solutions
    Events take place in all kinds of weather. Our rental equipment withstands wind, rain, snow, dirt, dust and temperature extremes.
  • Avoid Ownership Hassle
    By renting from Rhino, you get access to the tools you need without the hassle of managing the radio fleet, frequencies and maintenance.
  • Any Device,
    Any Location
    Whether you need radios shipped across town or across the country, we offer same-day fulfillment of equipment that goes where your crews go.
  • Industry-Leading Expertise
    With over 50 years of experience our certified representatives will make sure you get the right equipment for your job, backed by 24/7 support.