Premium Support Services

While we pride ourselves on providing the latest and most advanced communications equipment on the market, we know it takes more than a reliable radio to meet the needs of many of our customers.

Our Premium Support Services are offered by Rhino consultants who have extensive years of experience in the industry and include a range of services that make it easier for our customers to manage risk during a short-term communications implementation.

I am Interested in Support Services

In cases where there is a need to establish multiple talk groups or ensure clear communication across a variety of locations, our technicians can design and implement a custom system to meet the need. This may include the temporary installation of repeaters utilizing Rhino Communications Rental’s Licensed frequencies.

The proper coordination of frequencies is critical to ensure safety, privacy and productivity. A construction company, for example, may have its own frequency that it uses every day, but will need additional channels for sub-contractor groups as they come and go from the site. The careful assignment and coordination of multiple frequencies will ensure that all personnel can communicate in an emergency, but otherwise, don’t interfere with (or overhear) each other.

Throughout the duration of the rental contract, our technicians can be made available to maintain the equipment and manage any radio or repeater issues that may arise, so our customers can focus their attention on getting the job done or creating a memorable event experience.

Choose Wisely. Choose Rhino

We do more than rent best-in-class equipment.
We help you stay safe, be productive and deliver great customer experiences.

  • Industry-Leading Expertise
    With over 50 years of experience our certified representatives will make sure you get the right equipment for your job, backed by 24/7 support.
  • Fully Integrated
    We pull together voice, video and mobile communications so our customers can make faster, well-informed decisions.
  • Any Device,
    Any Location
    Whether you need radios shipped across town or across the country, we offer same-day fulfillment of equipment that goes where your crews go.
  • Avoid Ownership Hassles
    By renting from Rhino, you get access to the tools and people you need without the hassle of maintaining the radio fleet, frequencies, and maintenance.